Service Agreement & Guidelines

Service Agreement & Guidelines

Thank you for choosing Tibi Blanco Cleaning for your home cleaning needs. We are excited to clean for you and help give you more free time! We are committed to providing you with excellent service.

AGREEMENT: Please read through these service guidelines before your first cleaning visit. Clients of TB Cleaning Services signify agreement with our guidelines and procedures through their approval of our quote and acceptance of our services.

NEW! Healthy Home Policy: Our employees are required to stay home if they have shown signs of flu-like symptoms within 24 hours. Likewise, we request that you reschedule your cleaning visit if anyone in your home is experiencing flu-like symptoms. If possible, please provide at least 24 hours notice. We will wear personal protective equipment and practice social distancing while cleaning your home.

Our Team: Your home will be cleaned by our professionally-trained cleaning staff. All team members are background checked, bonded and insured by TB Cleaning Services.

Preparing for Your Cleaning Visit: Leave the cleaning to us! Please don’t clean before we arrive, but it is helpful to put away dishes and pick up items from the floor and surfaces. Tidying your home will allow us to be more efficient and detailed in their cleaning. It also protects your
belongings from being misplaced or damaged during cleaning and hoovering.

The ideal cleaning situation is when our team has few distractions and can work uninterrupted.
Please keep the following requests in mind for the day of your cleaning visit.

  • Keep children and pets in a separate area.
  • Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature.
  • Secure all valuables including cash, jewelry and medications.
  • Put away dishes and pick up clothing, toys and other items from the floor.
  • Provide a safe walkway for our staff to enter your home especially when it snows.
  • Secure any pictures hung on the wall, top heavy items with unstable bases and wobbly or tippy objects.

Pets: We love them! Please secure any pet that may be nervous during our visit or a threat to our staff. Also, we do not clean up after sick pets or pet accidents. If we encounter a pet accident, it will be left in place and we will clean around it.

NEW! Supplies & Equipment:

TB Cleaning Services optionally can provide the following for an extra fee (CHF10):

  • Hoover, Cleaning Products, Towels, Ladder, Mops, Dusting Tools and Personal Protective Equipment.


  • Toilet Brushes in every bathroom (Inside of toilet bowl will be skipped if a brush is not available)
  • Trash Bags
  • Specialty Cleaning Products: If there is a cleaning solution that you prefer, please let us know
    and we will be happy to use it in your home.
  • Occasionally, our hoovers require maintenance so on occasion, we may need to use the client’s
    hoover. Please initial here to authorize the use of your personal hoover. __________

Quality Control: YOUR FEEDBACK is valued and ALWAYS WELCOME to ensure our you are receiving excellent service. In addition to occasional in-home quality checks, you will receive email surveys to rate your experience. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us immediately or within 24 hours and we will make it right.

NEW! Schedule Changes & Communication: If you have any schedule changes, questions or comments – we want to hear from you! PLEASE GIVE AT LEAST 72 HOURS NOTICE FOR SCHEDULE CHANGES.
Re-Scheduling: No additional charges if you reschedule within 7 days of your original visit.
Skipped Visits: If your cleaning visits are more than 2 weeks apart due to a skipped visit, there will be an additional 30% added to your next scheduled visit to allow for extra cleaning.
Changing Frequency: Visit frequency can be changed at any time. Rates will be adjusted accordingly.
Paused Service: Service can be paused at any time. Additional cleaning fees and rate changes may apply when service is restarted.
Late Notice Fee: There will be a CHF80 fee assessed if you skip or cancel a visit with less than 48 hours notice.

Additional Services: Please contact us at least 2 days in advance of your cleaning visit, if you would like to add services including sheet changes, refrigerator or stove detail, additional spaces, organization etc. Additional fees may apply.

Home Entry & Lock Out Policy:
Before the first visit, the client will need to provide an entry method for our staff to enter the home. Please select one (or more) of the following:


A CHF80 fee will be assessed if we are unable to access your home or our entry is delayed on the day of your cleaning- this includes alarm lock outs.

Breakage or Damage: It is our job to make your home sparkle! In order to do so, our staff is required to touch nearly everything in your home. We handle all items with care to avoid damage, however sometimes accidents occur. If something is damaged by us we will contact you todetermine the best course of action.

**To reduce the likelihood of any damage, please remove unstable objects, delicate and valuable
items. (We do not clean inside curio cabinets, china cabinets or clear wet bar shelves.) You can
opt to have us skip an area completely if you do not wish to accept that risk. We cannot be responsible for damage to items that are faulty or not securely installed.

Payment & Gratuities: Payment is due at the end of the month. Payment can be made by Credit card or bank transfer. If your account is overdue, late fees may apply (10%)

  • Bank transfer

Bank: Credit Suisse
Beneficiary’s Name: Tibi Blanco
IBAN: CH50 0483 5183 3198 5100 0
Payment due in 15 days from invoice date.

  • Credit Card payments can be processed via invoice. A processing fee is charged when you use your credit card (± 3%)
  • Gratuities are greatly appreciated but not required. If you would like to provide a gratuity, let us know and we can add it to your invoice. Thank you!

Thank you again for choosing TB Cleaning Service!

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to make any changes to any part of these Guidelines & Agreement without giving any prior notice.

Whilst we shall undertake reasonable endeavours to notify the Client, however the Client agrees to make themselves acquantained with any updates or changes in the text of these terms.