Be creative!

Working is using a structured part of your brain, so when you take a break make sure to use creativity. Think back to your childhood, paint something or get the Legos out! Make sure you leave your perfectionism side at work, and focus on expressing yourself in a messy way. Using this technique has often been compared to meditation with its calming effects on the body. So go crazy with the paint brush!

Whatever you are doing, don’t multitask!

Everything you do requires a certain amount of energy, but you are already know you can’t have 100% brain power during the entire day, so use it wisely. When you take a break, instead of turning on a new Netflix tv show you’ve been dying to watch, try taking a walk or make a quick cupcake recipe without any distractions. Turn off the music and focus on what you are doing, your brain is using more energy than you realise. Once you head back to work you will notice that at the end of the day you will be less tired and maybe you’ll even have more new ideas!

Don’t entirely shut down. Find a middle ground.

Many of us can’t relax because we have the sensation of being unproductive and lazy, and you can’t go from intense brain power to meditation. So find a middle ground. What’s your hobby? Is it learning how to play a new instrument or planting a new seed in your garden? As long as you try to leave your thoughts reminding you of the 50 things you need to do back at the office, this is not only doing something for yourself but also helps you get back on track when it comes to work. I suggest not turning on the news as at the moment it may be a roller coaster of emotions, so invest time in an activity you know brings you joy.

Be patient.

As you start applying these tips, you won’t notice the benefits straight away. Be patient! Most of us are overwhelmed by all the work we do on a daily basis, so treat relaxation like a muscle you have to train. You will start off maybe even more exhausted, but after a while you will have more energy than before.

We encourage our cleaners to follow these tips, not only does it boost their productivity, but improves their mental health.

We thrive on making this a workplace our employees are motivated to come to, therefore we have installed these tips and keep a constant look out on their well-being.

Give me your feedback and let me know if this has helped you!